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Marketing manager

May 16, 2017/0 Comments

source url Dear reader, We are looking for a person to join our team and help us out in our journey with our product Envoice – invoicing app for freelancers. Ideally, this professional should be excited and passionate about growing a new business, have an analytical mind and be excited to use the latest marketing tools and […]

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Blocking Referrer Spams For Good

April 09, 2015/0 Comments

enter We are using Azure Websites to host a WordPress instance for our company website. We’ve built a habit to do some analyses on the analytic data that we are gathering from our visitors. Before start analyzing first we clear out the noise from the data(spammers, search engines, non existing referrers). As the site is becoming […]

Spark – Our Solar System Explorer

February 05, 2015/1 Comment

meetic rencontrer une femme This is my first blog post as I am the newest team member in Emit Knowledge. My first project at Emit Knowledge is called Spark. It’s an interactive web application generally for learning interesting facts about the planets in our solar system. In my opinion, and I’m sure that everyone will agree with me, nobody wants […]

Building ASP.NET Web API documentation for mere mortals

December 25, 2014/0 Comments

go to site We are so near the end of 2014. A lot of great challenges were done with success and we are looking forward for new challenges for the next year! As this will be the last post for 2014 I wanted to write about a very interesting topic that I was solving several days ago. It […]

.NET 2015 goes wild

November 12, 2014/1 Comment

app para conocer gente en todo el mundo What’s the fuzz? .NET is a software framework developed by Microsoft to enable software engineer to develop applications that would primarily run on Windows.  Well that’s about to change with the new announcement of .NET Core 5 development stack. .NET Core 5 is modular development stack, the pillar of all next .NET frameworks. Currently it […]

Come undone – argument validation for rocketeers

June 12, 2014/1 Comment

http://gsc-research.de/gsc/nachrichten/detailansicht/index.html?cHash=39c62144ad Validation is crucial part of development. From argument checks to validating workflows, pipelines, input/output boundaries we run checks to make sure that an application will behave correctly. Personally as a software engineer, I like to see the business processes before the implementation and try to express myself via code in that manner. From aspect of […]