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Last weekend I was part of a great event. CodeFest – a hackathon which celebrates code. Mixture of great people, ideas, ambition and intellect. It is great to see how things are changing in a positive manner.

I remember when I was a kid, a student hackathon was a word yet to be discovered. We used to hack all day and night long by solving programming challenges. Coffee and smokes were part of our ritual. We celebrated the solutions typed in PASCAL.

See, today all of those things are history. We are witnesses of the inevitable IT revolution which gave us a new definition of the programmer itself. No longer is the programmer a nerd behind a screen who cannot communicate and spends his lifetime on hacking some algorithms and chatting behind an alias.

Today we are witnesses of the new generation of programmers who see themselves as builders that leverage the technology to express their mind. This new generation is seeking for experience rather than spending time on mambo-jumbo discussions on which language, framework and development process is better.

I am more than happy to see that this new generation is experiencing product development in the early stage of their career. The sooner the better! This change will influence the IT industry heavily in a positive way.



Back to CodeFest… Firstly, I would like to give my sincere congratulations on the organization. The team behind it made some great effort to make this happen! There were a lot of participants, carefully chosen list of judges, mentors and speakers. Simply everything you need to have a successful hackathon.

I was amazed by the details as well. There was space and time for good discussion panels, talking with the mentors, having time for a coffee near the lake, live streams, good music, photography, games and food. – More than enough.


Teams, Ideas and Results

Every idea is good, at least from moving a person/team from point zero. With hard work, motivation and dedication it can create a wonderful journey for those who are ready to follow. There were many great ideas that the teams were working on. Maybe most of them cannot result into a real business, but the point is that the effort given by the teams will show results.

What all of the teams gained by working on their ideas is considered as the most crucial aspect in their professional work.

Working in a team

No matter how good you are, eventually you cannot have success on your own. Behind every great game there is a team not a person. The teams have learned that individuals cannot have success. It is the skills and strengths of each individual that makes the team successful.

Public speaking and Presentation

No one is born with skills for public speaking. Breaking the ice in front of 200 people is a great experience for the teams. Later in their career, especially if any of the teams continue to pursue the idea of running their own business, this skill will be on top of their list.

Deadlines and working under pressure

Pursuing software development career comes with a price. Almost every requested software, functionality, feature request is for yesterday. Being part of a hackathon with a limited amount of time to get the things done, leaves a good picture to the teams that they need to manage their time effectively and with full focus.

Networking and sharing experience

Hackathons are special because they are a great place to meet interesting people, share ideas and experience. An event like this with more than 200 different people might be a great opportunity for creating the next Facebook.


Successful companies are result driven companies. Showing that you are able to deliver says a lot about a young professional. Showing that you’ve built a product will give you a seat in a good company.

Finally I would like to express a gratitude to the organizers for inviting me to be part of this great event. I see a lot of potential for this event to become the pillar of the new generation of nerds. Hope to be part of it in the next years to come.

The best is yet to be!

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