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Two weeks ago I was invited by the .NET community in Bitola to held a presentation. Once accepted I’ve started crafting a presentation related to a workshop that I’ve held for Enterprise JavaScript development. JavaScript has a tendency to rule over the world of tech. Every day we witness new JS library, JS based fullstacks and systems that can handles JSON like a charm. The world of JavaScript is going full speed ahead  with new specification updates and standards but we can not tell the same about the development practices.

Built To LastJavaScript For Enterprise has its sole intention to provide knowledge on proper development processes, practices and optimizations for your next client side development. In general the presentation was planned to cover topics like:

– JavaScript mistakes from the C# programmer;

– Physical Solution structure of UI;

– Solution architecture;

– Building JavaScript Modules;

–  Building jQuery components and plugins;

– Event Driven Messaging for inter module communication;

– UI Localization;

– Exception Logging;

– Optimizations for performance;

There were around 20 people in the room. All of them great guys and girls from the local companies in Bitola. They stayed sharp during the whole presentation which lasted two hours.


We’ve gone through the slides and the demos to show the effects of the proposed architecture and optimizations. After the presentation with some of the audience we’ve had a coffee on the famous “Shirok Sokak”. We’ve talked about technologies, work and life in overall.

Must say that I have had a great day and met great people in Bitola. Definitively going for a second presentation in near future.

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